Hi again! Haven't done anything here in a long time :(

Don't worry, edenane.com will be getting some cool little things soon. Currently in beta stage, is a little php shoutbox, which will be going on the right of this page. Also avaliable at edenane.com, my cool little javascript game that I mentioned a LOT earlier, you can play it here. I will be updating the site with as much as I can, I have the time anyway...

I will eventually start on a new design for the site, including a flash banner rather than a static image that you see above. The adverts will be here until I can find a way to fund the site, it's up in December, and I'm using them as revenue to keep the site up when I have to pay my overlords!

There will be a few extra articles that I will put up on the website, and If you are lucky a sitemap as well. Did you know that all the previous news articles are avaliable on this site? No? Thought so. You will be able to access them when I get the sitemap up and running. But first, the shoutbox. I can only do one thing at a time!

Robbie Morrissey, 16:56 17 July 2008

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